80% of contract opportunities are not advertised...

As a contractor, two main areas are important to you: 1.

As a contractor, two main areas are important to you:

1. Finding contracts - This is what we specialize in. We work with niche markets day in day out, identifying and uncovering the contracts that you would not always hear about. We have excellent relationships with all the key decision makers within our specialism and in many cases we are the exclusive suppliers of niche expertise.

2. Getting paid - Although we prefer to pay upon monthly invoice, we do understand that the capital outlay for contractors can, in many cases, be substantial, due to expenses incurred. We can be flexible in certain circumstances.  We have 99.9% invoice accuracy, meaning you get paid on time, every time.

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Timesheet Submission Process

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After the workweek is complete (weekend after, or following Monday morning), the following must be submitted with the deadline being Monday at 12 noon.

If you miss this time, your payment processing will be affected.

1.   INVOICE IT Works Recruitment Inc. for time worked the prior work week; send your INVOICE to:

contractorinvoice@itworksrec.com and your specialist's email.


(e.g.) WE Sept. 21st - candidate name/candidate company name - CLIENT COMPANY - INVOICE

Please note:

  • Week ending dates should be dated through the Sunday at the work week's end
  • Invoice should include the number of hours worked w/total amount due and expenses due, line itemized, and totaled at the bottom
  • Do not send invoice to client, only to IT Works

2.  TIMESHEET and EXPENSES (if applicable) should then be sent to:

payroll@itworksrec.com, your specialist's emal AND the client's email, requesting approval by your client


(e.g.) - WE Sept. 21st - candidate name/candidate company name - TIMESHEET & EXPENSES pending approval

You may find a download link for our time sheet at: http://itworksrec.com/public/docs/ITWorksTimesheet.pdf

Please note that contractor payments will appear in contractor account on the first Friday of every month

We require one set of emails sent after the work week. Please send out one set weekly and do not send multiple timesheets/invoices as it confuses the process.

If you should need to speak with your accounts contact please contact the following with payroll questions:


678 291 0081



Contractor timesheet should be approved weekly - after the work week has been completed.

Approval must occur upon receipt of an email from the contractor requesting approval no later than 12:00 noon Tuesday - the deadline for client approval is Tuesday noon.

  • If you miss this time the contractor's payment will be delayed
  • Please write APPROVE  in the body of the email and "Reply all" ensuring timesheet and expenses are attached to the e-mail to ensure payment is processed. "Reply all" will include both the contractor and payroll@itworksrec.com


Contact details

Accounts Manager: 

Amanda Dytor - amanda.dytor@itworksrec.com

Address: 4016 Flowers Road, #440, Atlanta, GA 30360

Phone: 678 291  0081 

Email Addresses: admin@itworksrec.com

N.B. If you have any payment related queries you can contact the accounts team on Tuesdays & Wednesdays or alternatively speak to your managing consultant at any time during office hours.

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