Taking the uncertainty out of contracting...

This is a guide for professionals who are currently in full time employment, but would be interested in understanding what it means to be a freelance contractor.

This is a guide for professionals who are currently in full time employment, but would be interested in understanding what it means to be a freelance contractor.


What is a 'Contractor'?

IT contractors (or 'freelancers') are consultants who provide specific IT services to a company for a set fee and duration, rather than being employed full-time.

Most contracts become long-term - often lasting for years at a time.  This is because specific IT expertise is highly valued and work tends to keep growing.  Even if a role starts as a short-term assignment, contract extensions are common practice.

Traditionally, IT contractors are paid more (much more) than permanent employees.  This is partly to compensate for the "uncertainty" of being independent and on a fixed-term contract.  However, the high demand for IT systems experts means that a lot of consultants can move from one contract to another without a break, if that is what they wish.

Many freelancers are always in work and earning high salaries, which can make contracting a very attractive option, compared to being a full-time employee.

Contract services we provide

For legal and cash-flow purposes, it is often wise to hire contractors through a specialized company, such as IT Works.

To ensure that working with us is as pain free as possible, IT Works operates  in close partnership with Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Bruce Phillips, managing member of Harshman Phillips and Company (HPC).

Why is there a need for so many contractors?

The initial implementation, development and support of any ERP system tends to stretch most IT departments to the limit.   More people and more expertise often have to be brought in.   However, once a system has been successfully installed, the need for additional head-count tends to reduce. Using contractors is therefore a low-risk option, as opposed to adding to the long-term salary bill, or investing time and resources in new staff only for them to leave anyway.

What are the advantages of being a contractor, as opposed to being a full-time employee?

The main reason that people choose to be a contractor in the world of IT is financial.
This is certainly the case in Niche Markets.  As a freelancer with specific skills and knowledge, you can expect, through a reputable agency, to earn up to several times what you can earn as a full-time employee.

A contractor does not have to climb the management ladder, with all the added responsibilities that entails.

There is no hierarchy, you are your own boss, there is plenty of variety and you can pick and choose your work.

You obviously don’t have the same job security as a full-time employee and you will need to negotiate certain things up front, such as holidays.  However, more and more people are now becoming freelance and the team at IT Works are always on hand to give you honest and impartial advice should you decide the contracting option is for you.


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