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Motivated, expert employees are any organization’s greatest asset.

Motivated, expert employees are any organization’s greatest asset.

IT Works Recruitment Inc. is dedicated to achieving this by helping you attract and retain the right people with the right skills and the right attitude.

We provide proven Contract and Full time staff to a wide array of clients across the globe and our reputation is second to none.

What we provide

Job seekers today expect much more than just a good wage from a prospective employer. When choosing who to work for, many people place just as much emphasis on company culture, work/life balance and ancillary benefits as they do on the salary.

Clients are similarly keen to recruit people who will fit into and enjoy their company ethos, as well as having the required skills for the job.

IT Works Recruitment Inc. has a number of different ways of attracting the best candidates, looking for their next career move. We work from:

  • Referrals
  • LinkedIn
  • Our tried and tested database
  • Speaking with any candidates new to the market, via job boards

We can access a huge pool of the most talented and experienced specialists, but we want to find the one or ones that are right for you.

To facilitate this, IT Works Recruitment Inc. has a number of divisions, made up of skilled consultants who are specialists within their own specific marketplace – not generalists searching across the board.

In addition to providing the right candidates, we also offer a number of other recruitment-linked services, including:

  • Salary Surveys
  • LinkedIn Forum
  • Skills Updates
  • Consultancy
Salary Surveys

We have worked with business systems professionals for so long that we are able to spot and predict market trends.   If you need to recruit someone with a specific skill, we can give you honest advice on what you should expect to pay (both contract and full time).  This can help you develop your ERP team and manage your salary bill.

LinkedIn Professional User Forum

We offer a specialized LinkedIn group populated by employees of the vendors, and partners, but most importantly people just like you- going through similar projects and experiences (specifically concerning the niche business systems we specialize in) who are happy to share their thoughts and opinions in an unbiased way.

Skills Updates

One of our most useful additional services is our skills updates.  These are sent out to our client base via email once a month. They provide market updates and details of a selection of experts, with specialist skill sets, who are currently or shortly to become available.   This makes it a quick and easy way for clients to request an individual’s profile, without any obligation to interview or recruit them.

Consultancy Services, Adverts and Interviews

During the recruitment process, we can assist you in a number of areas, other than candidate search.  We know time can be tight and schedules are busy, so we can help lighten the load.

  • We can write job adverts for positions you are looking to recruit.
    This can often be a lengthy process, for non-technical staff, who are not entirely sure what the job role(s) will entail.  Whereas we know the job terminology inside out.
  • We can also assist clients in interview techniques and shortlisting.

Experts in the recruitment of Contract and Full time professionals within IT Works specialist markets.

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