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This is a sample of the Epicor professionals we currently have available.

This is a sample of the Epicor professionals we currently have available. If you do not see the skills you need, please email epicor@itworksrec.com or call 678-291-0081 for other Epicor opportunities.

Candidate A: Senior Epicor Consultant and Project Manager

Candidate A has been working with Epicor for 35 years. He is a CPA, financial expert working with multi-site, multi-currency international manufacturing implementations. He is a systems designer, analyst, process designer, business process re-engineer and trainer among many other things. Candidate A specializes in internal controls, documentation, management and technical interfacing, testing, defining requirements, EDI set-up, designing/managing customizations, financial system integration as well as all modules; Manufacturing, Invoicing Sales, Finance, and Purchasing are among the top modules.

Epicor Versions: Since 1980’s, Vantage, E9 and E10

This candidate is open to CONTRACT opportunities

Candidate B: Senior Epicor Human Capital Management Specialist

Candidate B has over 14 years’ experience working with Epicor HCM. His responsibilities include: performing Epicor HCM software analysis, implementation, functional configuration, training and maintenance. Candidate B provides operation supervision regarding legality, audit management, administers HCM server/databases, testing, change system changes, implementing solutions, web based operational HCM software application deployment in over 20 different manufacturing locations and much more.

Epicor Versions: Epicor HCM and iVantage

This candidate is open to CONTRACT opportunities

Candidate C: Senior Epicor Programming Anaylst

Candidate C has 9+ years’ experience programming within Epicor doing customizations, reports, implementations, upgrades, C# programming & C#/LINQ, ABL coding, BPM’s, BAQ’s, process mapping, SQL, SSRS, Crystal Reports, all core and some advanced modules including Finance, dashboards and process mapping. Candidate C has played an instrumental role in merging and separating companies, training, documentation, BI, Servers and even winning an ICE Framework contest and award at Insights.

Epicor Versions: Vantage 8, E9, E10 and E10.2

This candidate is open to Relocation for Permanent opportunities

Candidate D: Epicor Developer

Candidate D has 9+ years of experience programming within Epicor. His responsibilities have been focused on hands on development optimizing Epicor and extending it for users. Customizing and creating dashboards, creating BPM’s, API’s, SQL queries, C#, C++, SSRS, BAQ’s, Service Connect and BOM processing are some among his many proficiencies.

Epicor Versions: Vantage 8, E9 and E10

This candidate is open to Permanent opportunities

Candidate E: Senior Epicor Techno-Functional Consultant

Candidate E has 23 years’ experience working with Epicor. He worked as a Senior Consultant for Epicor for 18 years and is now an independent Epicor partner holding the highest-level Epicor certification. His expertise entails data export/migration, upgrades, SSRS, BAQ’s, BPM’s, custom dashboards, reporting, project management, Product configurator, testing, troubleshooting and finance. Candidate E has hands on experience coding in C# and SQL as well as 3rd party resource management experience.

Epicor Versions: Vantage, E9 and E10

This candidate is open to CONTRACT opportunities

Candidate F: Epicor Business Systems Analyst/Project Manager

Candidate F has 18+ years of experience working with Epicor. She is a functional expert with strengths in reporting in Crystal Reports as well as SSRS, BPM’s, BAQ’s, managing IT systems, managing implementations, all core modules and some advanced modules, dashboards and finance. Candidate F can interface and liaise between business teams and technical teams in a way that satisfies both sides and gets the job done within budget and time restraints.

Epicor Versions: Vantage, Vista, E9 and E10

This candidate is open to Permanent opportunities


Candidate G: Epicor/IT Systems Analyst and Administrator

Candidate G has 4 years’ experience working with in Epicor. His regular responsibilities include SQL queries, implementation support, Reporting, BAQ’s, network set up and administration, database administration, server administration, finance and engineering solutions. Candidate G is also proficient in various programming languages such as Python, Ruby, CSS and XHTML. Candidate G is currently located in Texas and open to relocating anywhere along the east coast.

Epicor Versions: Epicor 9.0, Epicor 9.5 and E10

This candidate is open to Permanent opportunities


Candidate H: Epicor Data/Systems Business Manager

Candidate G has 3 years’ experience working with Epicor 10 and 15+ years in business systems analytics, management and finance. He spends his time understanding upper level as well as specific business needs and advising on what systems to use and how best to use them. Candidate H is highly skilled at creating and/or optimizing processes, documentation requirements, flow charts, overall functionality of Epicor and other systems, BAQ’s, BPM’s, dashboards, customizations, SSRS Reports, solutions and some C#.

Epicor Versions: Epicor 10

This candidate is open to Permanent or Contract opportunities


Candidate I: Epicor Developer and Database Administrator

Candidate I has 5 years of Epicor experience. He is an expert Epicor Techno-Functional Developer who has been consulting in the manufacturing industry for 10+ years regularly handling HCM Implementations, programming in C#, SQL, VB, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, SSRS, BAQ’s, custom BPM’s, HCM integrations, end user training/adoption, finance and advanced customizations.

Epicor Versions: Epicor ERP and Epicor HCM

This candidate is open to Contract opportunities


Candidate J: Epicor Consultant

Candidate J has 12+ years of Epicor experience as a hands-on Techno-functional implementation and customization lead. He has touched all major modules including finance, inventory, CRM and purchasing. He has created BAQ’s, BPM’s, Crystal Reports, gathering and writing business requirements, functional and technical specifications, project management (resources, timelines and delivery), programming in progress and well as C#, SSRS and customizations.

Epicor Versions: Vantage,8, Epicor 9 and Epicor 10

This candidate is open to Contract opportunities.


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