Epic Skills Updates

This is a sample of the Epic professionals we currently have available.

This is a sample of the Epic professionals we currently have available. If you do not see the skills you need, please email Epic@itworksrec.com or call 678-291-0081 for other Epic opportunities.


Candidate A – 2017 Certified Radiant Analyst

Candidate A is Certified Epic Analyst in Radiant with 5 ½ years of Epic experience and 17 years in radiology. Candidate A’s strengths lies in full implementation, Project Management, workflow design, support, build and troubleshooting.  She also is proficient in Cupid and Willow.

Candidate B is seeking FTE or remote opportunities.


Candidate B – 2017 Certified Cupid Analyst/Anesthesia/OpTime

Candidate B comes with one-year experience with onboarding and supporting 6 hospitals. Ambulatory Certification is in process. Candidate experience is in specialty workflows, process analysis, testing and support.  Bachelors in Physics.

Candidate B is looking for contract and FTE within the west coast region.

Candidate C – 2017 Certified OpTime/Anesthesia/Cupid/Radiant/Ambulatory

Candidate C is Certified in OpTime, Anesthesia, Cupid, Radiant and Ambulatory with 7 years Epic Experience. Involved in full implementation process, and Project Management. Candidate C’s strengths are in Project Management and in an Analyst role.

Candidate C prefers contract opportunities within the west coast region.


Candidate D – 2017 Certified ClinDoc/Stork Training/Analyst

Candidate D is Certified in ClinDoc and Stork with over 6 years Epic experience varying from Training, Analyst, Consulting, and Team Lead. Candidate D has been involved with all implementation stages and is seeking an Analyst role.

Candidate D is seeking contract opportunities and can travel to any location.


Candidate E – 2017 Certified Orders/ClinDoc/Infection Control Analyst

Candidate E is certified in ClinDoc, Orders, and Infection Control. Candidate E has been involved in 5 full cycle implementations and his top skills involve Order Transmittal, Security, Navigators, Reporting, and Clinical Documentation.  

Candidate E is seeking contract and permanent opportunities but would prefer to stay in the East.

Candidate F – 2017 Certified Willow Analyst

Candidate F is Certified in Willow with 3 years Epic experience as an analyst. Candidate F has experience in all implementation stages including a Full Cycle implementation in 12 Prime Healthcare hospitals.

Candidate F is seeking both contract and permanent opportunities and is open to travel but is on an H1B Visa which is valid until 2019


Candidate G – 2017 Certified Willow Beacon Analyst

Candidate G is certified in Willow and Beacon with 4 years of Epic experience as an analyst. Candidate G has complete 2 full cycle implementations and is comfortable in every aspect of implementation. Candidate G’s strengths are protocol build, report building, patient list, verification query filters, and orderable and dispensable mapping.

Candidate G is seeking permanent and contract roles but would like no longer than 6 hours of travel time for contract roles.


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