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This is a sample of the Healthcare IT professionals we currently have available.

This is a sample of the Healthcare IT professionals we currently have available. If you do not see the skills you need please email or call  678-291-0081 for other Healthcare opportunities.


Candidate A – Sr. Physician Education /  Learning Specialist - Clinical Workflow Strategist

This candidate started his career as a licensed physician and now has spent 8 years overseeing Training, Adoption, and Support of the Cerner PowerChart Inpatient/ Ambulatory and FirstNet solutions. His focus during his time at Cerner Corporation was leading classroom training. Developing instructional and real-time educational outreach to Physicians outside hospital environments by designing, testing, and implementing interactive Learning Tools for Cerner and Dragon.

Candidate A is open to Contract or Permanent Opportunities


Candidate B – Revenue Cycle Analyst - Patent Accounting

Over 6 years of building, maintaining, supporting, and implementation experience for Cerner Revenue Cycle Modules. Expertise in Design, Build, Training, Testing, and Troubleshooting with Patient Accounting/ProFit. Investigated issues between third party claims scrubber and contract management system. Crafted CCL and Discern Analytics 2.0 SQL reports to support department workflows, investigate system and user errors.

Candidate B is open to Contract or Permanent Opportunities


Candidate C – Perioperative Solution Analyst - SurgiNet / Anesthesia

Clinician with 25+ years in the Healthcare industry, 10 years in an acute care setting, and 7 years EMR build and informatics experience. Inpatient, perioperative, and ambulatory experience with primary focus on design, build, implementation, education, and change control/maintenance activities. Event set hierarchy, CORE, and security build and maintenance for domain and positions. Design and build other applications such as BMDI, CareNet, iCommand (iBus), iView, with Managerial and Project Management experience. Reporting utilizing Discern Analytics, SurgiNet Report Builder, DiscernVisualDeveloper, CCL, PowerInsight Explorer, Discern Analytics 2 and the Reporting Portal.

Candidate C is open to Contract or Permanent Opportunities


Candidate D – Senior Applications Analyst -  SurgiNet/CareNet

Candidate D is a Registered Nurse with 6 years of clinical experience and 9 years of Cerner IT experience specializing in the design, build, test, and support of SurgiNet and SurgiNet Anesthesia. She is the lead SurgiNet analyst at her company and is the mentor for a junior analyst. Since 2014, she was added to the CareNet team, building MPages, PowerForms, PowerOrders, IPOC, and was the lead for the implementation of PowerChart Maternity and FetaLink.

Candidate D is open to Contract or Permanent Opportunities


Candidate E – Systems Analyst II - PathNet

Candidate E is a Medical Technologist with over 18 years of Health IT experience, including design, build, test, and support for Soarian Clinicals, SoftLab, and Novius. The past 3 years have been spent exclusively supporting Cerner PathNet, and she has extensive experience with instrumentation, iBus, Code Set upgrades, FSI for reference lab, and MDI. She is an expert for SQL and Crystal Reporting, and has done extensive interface work with Epic to PathNet systems.

Candidate E is open to Contract or Permanent Opportunities


Candidate F – Senior System Analyst - PharmNet / Oncology

Candidate F has 10 years of experience in the design, build, test and support for PharmNet including medication process build for acute care and ambulatory venues. Specializing in medication and procedure orders, PowerPlans, Charge Services, and CPOE. Completed 6 full project lifecycles, most recently with interdisciplinary teams completing rules and alerts for medications within PowerChart Oncology.

Candidate F is open to Contract or Permanent Opportunities

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