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This is a sample of the IFS professionals we currently have available.

This is a sample of the IFS professionals we currently have available. If you do not see the skills you need, please email IFS@itworksrec.com or call 678-291-0081 for other IFS opportunities.


Candidate A –  IFS Procurement Specialist

Candidate A is an IFS Procurement Specialist with over 7 years of IFS experience. This candidate has been responsible for leading a core team within purchasing and procurement. Candidate A has set up store inventory, handled IFS customization, and has been a part of 2 IFS implementations previously. This candidate also has experience in the Supply Chain and Manufacturing modules of IFS handling constraint-based scheduling, master planning and warehouse redesign (from scratch). 


Candidate B – IFS Business Systems Analyst

Candidate B is an IFS Business Systems Analyst with several years of IFS experience. This candidate has assisted with user set-up, custom events, SQL experience, handling the IFS interface in order to make it user friendly, experience with the finance module of IFS, and participated in an IFS upgrade from 2004 to apps 7.5. 


Candidate C – IFS Technical Specialist

Candidate C is an IFS Technical Specialist with over 15 years of IFS experience. This candidate has set up version 7.5 from scratch for a company coming off of JD Edwards software. This candidate has supported warehousing, sales, and finance previously. This candidate is well versed in the entire implementation life cycle of IFS and also has experience with data mining, KPI’s, IFS info schema, master planning, and report writing. This candidate has also done warehouse redesign previously.  

Candidate D – IFS Business Sytems Analyst

Candidate D has over 6 years of IFS experience. This candidate has experience with the HR, Purchasing/inventory, and the project modules of IFS. Candidate D has converted a company from SAP to IFS v8. This candidate has experience with setting up basic data, data migration, building and customization of IFS, employee set-up process, creation of custom events and fields, security permissions, and a large amount of reporting.  


Candidate E – IFS Subject Matter Expert

Candidate E has over 15 years of experience with IFS. This candidate has experience with versions 7, 7.5, 8 and 9. This candidate helped their previous company with several IFS upgrades. Candidate E's experience includes, but is not limited to; reporting, customizing documentation, shipment, work orders, invoicing, and IFS implementation. Candidate E was a functional leader in their last position for customer orders, training, and reporting.

Candidate F – IFS Project Manager

Candidate F is an IFS Project Manager that focuses on production and inventory management and production in the manufacturing industry. Candidate F is very strong on the business side of the IFS world. This candidate can look at business processes, and understand how to organize a team to accomplish set goals. Within IFS, Candidate F has been responsible for 3rd party logistics, warehousing, and master data.


Candidate G – IFS Business Analyst

Candidate G is an IFS Business Analyst that has experience with processing, EDI functions, reporting, SQL, and IFS customization. Candidate G has done (2) IFS upgrades previously, as well as handled the EDI mapping for IFS previously. Candidate G has worked with both apps 7 and apps 8. Currently, this candidate is looking for a role that will allow them to do more reporting with IFS, as this candidate feels that reporting within IFS is their strong suit.


Candidate H – IFS Implementation Consultant

Candidate H is an IFS implementation consultant. This consultant has experience in project management from a finance standpoint. They focus on budgeting and coordinating consultants within a company in order to generate the most profitable outcome for a company. This person has experience with projects, project accounting, sales orders, purchase orders, and the manufacturing process.


Candidate I – IFS Technofunctional Consultant

Candidate I comes to us with heavy IFS experience. This candidate has experience with PLSQL, reporting, security permissions, team management, process mapping and analysis, purchasing, customer service, and processes improvement, and training on IFS to end users. This candidate has worked with several modules within IFS including; manufacturing, finance, distribution, and IFS projects. This candidate has assisted with (5) IFS implementations previously, including international sites.

Candidate J – IFS Project Manager/Business Analyst

Candidate J supports IFS with their current company. This candidate assists with end user training, documents processes, securities set up, reporting, creation of new users and accounts, finance, and distribution. This candidate has reported on things such as sales, inventory, and KPI's of the company. Candidate J thrives on supporting end users and is very good with explaining IFS to users in a group setting, as well as one on one. Versions that this candidate has supported are 7.5 and 8.


Thank you for taking the time to read through our update for August, we hope you found it useful and thank you for your continued support and help.


















































































































































































































































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